Y&R Fic Challlenge #10

Prompt: History

Fandom: Billy and Phyllis (Philly)

Title: Memories of Us

Billy draped his suit coat over the back of the chair, glancing out the window as the snow flakes slowly drifted by. Was he disappointed? Maybe a little. He’d wanted to do this–to take her out, show her off, have a nice dinner, go dancing. The pregnancy hadn’t been an easy one.

He’d been working on the new promotion for the magazine when he got the call. Though it had been nearly five months, he could still remember…..

The cellphone vibrated on his desk. Billy groaned, grabbing the phone and drawing in a sharp breath, “I’m on a deadline..I don’t have time…”

“Billy…” She sat on the edge of the bed, her free hand gripping the edge of the mattress as the next wave pain surged through her.

“Phyllis?” His tone softened immediately. She knew he was working around the clock to get this campaign finished. She wouldn’t call him unless….

“I need you,” she managed, breathing heavily through gritted teeth.

Nothing else mattered in that moment, not the campaign, not the magazine, not the job. “I’m on way. Are you at home?”

“Yes.” She breathed in sharply again, the pain becoming more pronounced. “Something’s wrong Billy–Something’s really wrong….”

He shook his head, his eyes closing in silent prayer–if God even listened to him anymore. “You just hang on ok? I’ll be there…I’m on my way.”

She was put on bedrest that day–at only 24 weeks. Their baby girl waited only 6 weeks more to make her appearance. Just last week–after spending nearly three months in the hospital, he’d been able to bring both his girls home.

Was he disappointed? It was hard to be anything but grateful.


He climbed the steps, stopping just outside the nursery door. She stood, beside the crib, her hand resting on their daughter’s tiny hand. Her hair was still up, her dress still on–the only thing missing was the shoes which he saw discarded in the corner of the room.

Billy stepped up behind her, gently removing the clips from her hair and letting the auburn locks fall against her shoulder. Her wrapped her arms around her waist, dropping his chin to her shoulder, nuzzling into her neck, “you just watching her?”

He craned his neck to see her face, smiling gently at her.

“Yeah,” she whispered. “I’m sorry. I know you had this whole night planned. You’d hired a sitter and everything.” She turned, checking his expression, “And I messed it all up being one of those crazy, overbearing mothers.”

“You didn’t mess anything up,” he whispered, kissing her neck gently and softly swaying as he stood still wrapped up with her. “There’s no reason we can’t have our dinner and dancing…it’s just a change of venue.”

He grabbed the monitor and looked at her. “Come downstairs with me?”

She nodded, making her way into the hallway.

“So…you’ve got to tell me how you kept this dreamy, romantic thing under wraps for so long? I mean for years I thought you were scrappy and stubborn and spiteful, but this…this guy should be beating women off with a stick.”

Phyllis leaned back against him as she took another sip of wine. “And the attention to detail too,” she kissed him quickly, “impressive.”

Billy smiled. “It took a little work,” he smiled, looking down at the strawberries, grapes, and cheese. “But that smile on your face is worth it.” He leaned in to steal a kiss before adding, “I added the salt and vinegar chips, but sadly it’s tough to get Crimson Light brownies in Chicago.”

She smiled. “I think I’ll survive.” She kissed him, easily relaxing into his arms–happy to take advantage of the now rare private moment. The soft cry from the monitor echoed through the room.

Billy laughed softly. “I swear she knows…she does this on purpose.”

Phyllis giggled, standing up and pulling down her dress which had somehow inched its way far up her thigh. “I’ll be right back.”


“Did you ever think we’d be here like this?” She’d always heard people talk about perfect moments–moments you wanted to bottle and keep forever–moments in time that were so perfect, so kismet that you couldn’t have even imagined or dreamed of their existence. She’d heard of them, but she’d never had one–until now.

Billy stared down at their daughter as she drank from the bottle he held, her tiny hand wrapped around his finger. “I knew it was possible. I knew it was what I wanted…, but I don’t know…I don’t have the best track record with hoping and dreaming, so I was afraid it wasn’t…afraid I wasn’t what you wanted.”

She turned, towards him as he shifted the baby to rest against the pillow so he could wrap an arm around her. “I always wanted you,” she said softly, making certain her eyes never left his, “I wanted you before I even realized it. You were the person I came to when I needed someone and you were the person I shared my innermost thoughts with. That night when we kissed–the first time–I knew. Even though I didn’t say it, even though I pretended nothing happened, I knew something had changed–something real. I had to pretend because if I didn’t you could break me…you had too much power…I cared too much.”

“You thought I didn’t feel the same way?”

“My track record for wishing and hoping isn’t exactly stellar either, you know,” she smiled. She snuggled closer to him. “I’m just so glad we both stopped hiding and pretending and playing it safe. This was worth every risk I’ve ever taken, every fight, every struggle.”

Billy nodded. “So I was worth the trouble he smiled? If you had it to do over, you’d do it all again?”

She nodded, smiling up at him.

He looked down at their now sleeping daughter, at the family they’d created, at everything that mattered most to him–realizing that it was all right here…within arm’s length. The smile spread across his face and his eyes sparkled mischievously, “no doubts,” he grinned.

“Not a damn one,” she whispered.

The End


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