Y&R Fic Challenge #8

Prompt: Chance Meeting

Fandom: Phyllis and Billy (Philly)

Title: Happy Endings

Author’s Note: Thanks to Erin for being my sounding board yet again. Hope this turned out ok–it’s very different from my norm….
Moping. That’s what she was doing. She could deny it when Summer called her out. She could put a good spin on it when Daniel emailed. She could even tell Avery she was simply ‘taking a little time out’ when she called to check in, but when she was sitting here–alone, it was a little harder to lie.

It’s one thing to choose Netflix and chill, it’s another when it’s your only viable option. Her eyes roamed the room. She stared at the laptop on the desk. She could email Daniel–ask about Lucy, see how school was going this year. Maybe she could even plan a visit.

She stood, grabbing the computer and settling into the chair with it on her lap. The glow of the screen seemed soothing as she launched the browser. An ad appeared across the screen

Are You Tired of Changing For A Relationship? Are You Looking For Someone That Accepts You–The Real You? Take Our Online Compatibility Quiz and Find Your Perfect Fit!

Phyllis stopped. Sure, there were other ways to meet people, but where in the hell had that gotten her? At least this way there were no commitments, no obligations–the ball is in your court.

How bad could it be? Besides people got married on this thing…lots of people met this way, didn’t they?

She sighed and clicked the start button.


“A meaningful connection…” Billy muttered as he stared at the screen in front of him. He glanced over at the newly framed picture of Jill and Colin prominently displayed on the mantle. “But that’s what you want for me, right mom? That’s why I just spent the better part of an hour answering these mind numbing questions…so I could find something meaningful…something real?”

He took another swig from the glass and sat it down on the table in front of him. “Let’s see what we’ve got here…”

“They just send them right to you don’t they?” Billy scanned through the matches, discarding a few immediately, keeping some as possibilities, then pausing as he came across one result.

There was no photo–simply a caption where the photo would be that read– “Why bother? Everyone lies online.” Billy smiled and clicked the button for more info. He blinked, swallowing hard. He’d always talked a lot about fate, but talking about it and seeing it in action were two different things.

Name: Wendy
Age: No Response
Location: Genoa City
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Body Type: Fit

Statement: Not looking for too much too soon–just want some to talk, laugh, have fun–someone who isn’t afraid to live


Phyllis sat the computer on the coffee table in front of her. “I must be out of my mind,” she muttered, as she stepped into the kitchen and reached for the kettle. The chime from the computer startled her and she stepped back across the room quickly, still holding the kettle.

You have a new request.

“You have got to be kidding me.” She took a breath and walked back into the kitchen. Gingerly placed the kettle back on the stove and instead reached for a bottle of wine and a glass. This called for more than tea.

She was nervous–actually nervous and she felt ridiculous. “You’re a grown woman reading a note from a stranger on the internet–who could be writing to you from prison….or his parent’s basement..”

Through gritted teeth, she opened the message and immediately giggled as she saw the profile picture. A glass of scotch a risky choice for sure, but she could appreciate the gravitas behind it.

Name: Peter
Age: 30-40
Location: Genoa City
Hair Color: brown
Eye color: brown
Body type: Tall, lean

Statement: Looking for fun, adventure, and laughter…a little fire never hurts.


Hi Wendy. I saw your profile and I thought we might talk or chat or whatever it is you do on this thing. I’m kind of new to this if you can’t tell. I think we can hit a private chat button to go to a chat room. Let me know if you’re open.

Talk soon,


Billy leaned back against the couch, his fingertips nervously rapping against the laptop’s shell. Maybe he’d been too forward. Was it too soon to request a private chat? What the hell do you even do in a private chat? He’d seen shit like this on Dateline. This could be a sting operation. He looked down at the nearly empty glass beside him. Maybe he’d had enough for tonight.

The alert sounded.


I’m waiting in the chat.


Billy took a breath before clicking the button. It didn’t make sense to be this nervous. This woman was a stranger.

Wendy: Hi.
Peter: Hi.

Phyllis stared at the screen. Could you tell if the other person was typing. Should she say something next? This was supposed to be less complicated–not more. She sighed.

Wendy: Nice name.

She rolled her eyes. What the hell was that? She was the one using a fictional character from a fantasy staycation as her monicker.

Billy smiled. He imagined snark behind the comment.

Peter: Full disclosure? Not my real name? Don’t really want to give my real name out just yet.

Wendy: Same here. So I guess that means we’re not fated, star-crossed lovers?

Peter: Really? It’s a little early to write us off isn’t it?

Wendy: 🙂 Maybe–I just meant the names–it was kind of serendipitous, don’t you think?

Billy breathed out slowly, his fingertips hovering over the keyboard for a moment before responding.

Peter: Well, you know that story doesn’t really have a happy ending anyway.

His words caught her off guard and she felt the tears sting at her eyes. They could have had a happy ending, but they had both been too damn stubborn.

Wendy: Maybe it could have…in another time.

Billy stared at the words on the screen. There was no other time–no other chance. He had to move on. He couldn’t keep holding onto her, not when every time she pushed him away another piece of him died.

Peter: I don’t think so–Wendy always forgets. She leaves and moves on without him.

Phyllis shook her head. She could feel the tears building. This wasn’t about a fairytale anymore. If she couldn’t convince this stranger that a story could end differently, how could she convince Billy that theirs could.

Wendy: But Wendy loves Peter…she just forgot for a time…for a moment. She’ll remember. She’ll remember what it felt like to be in Neverland and she’ll come back. Even if it’s not easy…Even if they’re different people…they love each other. Wherever Billy is–that’s where she wants to be.

The second she hit submit, she saw it. Her face flushed with embarrassment.

Wendy: Peter…I mean..Peter.

Billy read the words over and over again. The chances…. It was impossible, wasn’t it?

Peter: A rewrite? Wendy and Peter stay in Neverland.

He stared at the screen, waiting for a response. His heart sank as nothing returned. Maybe it had been a strange coincidence, maybe it was a combination of too much scotch and too little sleep, or maybe it was missing her so damn much that he’d dreamed it into being. Whatever the case, he couldn’t torture himself anymore tonight. Masochism really wasn’t his thing.

He stood, walking towards the stairs, his hand just reaching the banister as he heard the gentle rap on the door. She stood there in tattered flannel lounge pants and an old oversized sweatshirt. Her hair was pulled up in a messy twist and she wore no make up. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained. Her body trembled as she stepped inside.

Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

She stepped into his arms without saying a word, simply content to be close to him, to feel his breath, to let his arms wrap around her, to know the feeling of acceptance and comfort that she only found with him.

After a moment, he heard her whisper. “It was you?”

He nodded. “I thought maybe I was going crazy–when you didn’t respond back.”

She leaned back a little, looking into his eyes. “I just wanted to say it in person. Wendy and Peter stay in Neverland and live happily ever after.”

The End


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