Fan Fic Rec Monday: ‘The Watch’ (NCIS)


I had this random idea to share links to fan fictions I’ve stumbled across on the internet that I really, really like. I personally enjoy spotlighting other people’s hardwork and trust me when I say there’s so much amazing stuff out there just waiting to be discovered!

However, all that said, I didn’t actually know which fan fiction would be my first rec until I stumbled across a truly beautiful one shot this afternoon called “The Watch” by helsinkibaby. Let me say, if you’re an NCIS fan – or even if you’re not! – it’s worth the read.

Title: The Watch
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Ellie and Timothy
Rating: G
Warnings: Minor character death
Status: Complete
Link: HERE

Why I am recommending this: Because, hello, I loved it! I seriously loved the HELL out of it. Not only is it about my NCIS OTP, McEllie (if they don’t end up together in canon, I think I will hemorrhage something!), it was just beautifully written. The imagery of the watch and everything that it symbolized to Tim was wonderful and heartfelt. Added details like him writing a certain blonde into his latest LJ Tibbs novel were perfection. Then there were the vivid descriptions that enchanted me, like how he held her just so when they danced. And the declarations of mutual feeling were sweetness personified! Oh and let me just say that the dialogue was wonderful too. I am sorry, but I can’t help but squee over this fan fiction.

It all wrenched my fangirl heart in the very best way. Readers are offered a happy ending to a story with just the perfect amount of pathos and angst peppered throughout it. I highly recommend this story to everyone. If it happened on screen, I know I’d die and go to fangirl heaven!


By the way, what fan fics have you read that you couldn’t get enough of? The comment box is just a click away!


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