Fangirl Glossary

I speak fangirl. Do you? Here are some terms that I may use on this blog at some point.

Hairporn – One of my favorites and a term I just learned recently, it means amazing, I mean just amazing!!! hair as captured on film. See Hayley Atwell.


Fan Fiction – Something I spend too much of my life writing. Stories about worlds I haven’t created. Like this Y&R fan fiction. Check it out mmkay?!

FOETP – two fictional persons who make the perfect enemies. See Liz and Sam from General Hospital.


Crack Ship – a super appealing potential pairing that will nevah happen in canon. Also see Liz and Sam from General Hospital (Saliz, yes!)


Endgame – a pairing that ends up together at the conclusion of a TV show, movie, etc. See one of my few favorite pairings who actually ended up together, Joey and Kelly from One Life to Live.


Squee – Squeal and glee all together. Or, the pure sound of joy I make when I find out a couple I ship is finally gunna DO IT.


BAMF – Bad Ass Mother Fucker. See Agent Carter.


Girl Crush – A (straight) girl mad crushing on an amazing fictional female or very real female star. See Peggy Carter & Hayley Atwell (gosh, is my obsession showing yet?!)


OTP – One True Pairing. Someone’s favorite fictional pairing. Usually the pairing that has caused them the most pain too. See Original Jason and Sam from General Hospital & (honorable mention) Janice and Peter from The Bay.


Feels – feelings related to fiction that are unavoidable and hit you like a ton of bricks.


Fangirl – Me! Or any girl who is really uh, fanatical about something fictional.


Those are just some fangirl terms you’re likely to see pop up on here!





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