The Great #YR Fan Fiction Challenge


I have been watching The Young and the Restless for about twenty-five years (I know, I know; that makes me very old!!) and I have a deep, abiding affection for the characters and the show’s rich history. In my mind, Bill Bell was a genius, and let me just say right now that I am beyond excited that Sally Sussman and Kay Alden will be toiling away at the helm again. They are amazing writers which means Y&R is about to get really great!

Of course, we know that Y&R is the #1 most watched soap in the United States and that it has an abundance of passionate fans like me. We read soap opera magazines, we stalk Twitter for live updates, and we generally obsess over the show. We are Y&R fangirls (and boys!) but I believe that one thing the fandom needs is more fan fiction! You heard that right. We need lots and lots more fan fiction! So with that thought in my pea brain, I came up with this super-duper awesome challenge. If you’d like to join in the fun, read the details:

Below, I have posted 10 phrases. For each phrase on the prompt list, you will need to write a one shot or drabble. This will give you a total of 10 one shots when all is said and done.

Now our key words are:

  1. Ill
  2. Love Triangle
  3. Flash
  4. History
  5. Betrayed
  6. Presumed Dead
  7. Confrontation
  8. Decisions
  9. Chance Meeting
  10. Submit
Now for the rules (Let’s keep it fun and simple!)
  • Any length goes. 100 words or 1,000+, just write the best stories you can.
  • You can write any couples or characters, past or present. You can mix and match or write all one pairing or character. It mattereth not to me.
  • No due date. It’s open-ended, baby! However, the sooner you start and the sooner you finish, the better.
  • Upload your stories to a site such as or any other than does NOT require registration and post your link in the comment area.

Now you’re probably wondering: are there any prizes? No, sorry. Although the satisfaction of knowing you represented the Y&R fandom in a wonderful way is nothing to be ashamed of! Plus, I promise to leave you feedback on each and every one of your challenge one shots.

Ready, set… Get writing!

Please note: I myself will be participating in this challenge so look out for my first one shot in a post to follow.


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