She died and he still put a ring on it…

Sabrina and Michael should have gone the distance.

Haven Chat

She died, and he still put a ring on it…What I think of Sabrina and Michael.


When it comes to Sabrina and Michael, the show once again messed it up. They could have been FIRE! Legit best Michael Pairing since he can’t be with Kristina (Nasty that they got that SEX Chemistry).

First of all, that baby should have been Michael’s not Carlos’ nasty ass. Second, even though Teresa was pregnant didn’t mean Sabrina had to be. I mean, remember when Courtney died and Spencer was born and wasn’t noticed until he was 8? Do we really want that again? And third, why kill half a ship so you can prop Michael’s new boo? I see what Frank and his people are doing and it isn’t cute.

After Sabrina’s death, I really want to see Tracy and Michael fight for her son. I think that storyline would be amazing to watch…

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