Kevin Can Wait


Pedestrian. Painfully unfunny. Dry. Boring… Those are just some of the negative phrases that come to mind when I think about the first episode of the new CBS show, “Kevin Can Wait”. I can’t help but wonder: What did I just watch? I mean, really? Why did I waste 30 good minutes of my life on this dreck?

I so wanted to enjoy this show. I mean, I like Kevin James. I think he’s pretty darn talented and he plays the grumpy, blue collar, every day guy next door type very well. He just needs a good script to bring out his comedic chops but sadly, there was no good script to be found here. In fact, it seems that they hired Kevin for his ‘star power’ and then just threw together a shoddy premise right in time for filming to begin. It didn’t matter if the script was any good and this is definitely NOT good.

One of the biggest problems with the show other than you know, the lack of a good premise and the bland writing, is the casting. Other than Kevin, the acting leaves a lot to be desired. The wife (played by Erinn Hayes) is certainly no Leah Remini and while I wasn’t expecting her to be, they needed to find someone who could match him toe to toe and she just doesn’t. The network execs would have been wise to scour Hollywood to find an actress who has a lot of chemistry with Kevin. You can’t sustain a show for long if the leads don’t have a spark. If Facebook commentary is any indication, people aren’t loving her in the role of Kevin’s wife either. They aren’t loving the actors who play Kevin’s kids, or his relatives, or his friends for that matter. This is problematic to say the least. While I generally don’t put much stock in what is said on social media, when 99% of the posts are by people say the acting is badddd, the chemistry is lacking, etc., that’s not a good sign that the show is long for this world.

If CBS is hanging their hopes on this series being a ratings hit, I think they’re in for a big surprise. They should have given “Mike and Molly” a new season and instead left Kevin waiting in the dark where bad pilots go to die.

Do you think I’ll be tuning in next week? Don’t count on it.

Oh and do you want to know the real irony here? While this show has FLOP written all over it, there is another series just like it coming out on CBS in October called “Man With a Plan”! Now that’s funny … almost.




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