Franco redemption fail

110% agreed.

Haven Chat

Franco is a character that was created by the actor James Franco, for his “I want to see if I could be a soap actor” stint. Franco is a serial killer/artist, who felt he and Jason Morgan aka a mob enforcer for the Corinthos organization were the same. Franco came to Port Charles to meet his other half, and was soundly rebuffed by Jason.

Franco became obsessed with getting Jason’s attention. He started to target everyone that Jason loved or cared for. In the coming months, we saw Franco stalking, kidnapping, terrorizing, and even hiring known rapists to torment & rape Michael in jail. Franco then followed Jason and his newlywed wife Samantha Morgan on their honeymoon to Hawaii; where he proceeded to kidnap them, lock Jason in a room with a TV and rape his unconscious wife Sam.

Eventually Jason was able to kill Franco, and that was to…

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