Welcome fellow fangirls and fanboys!



I never know what to say in an introductory post but I will try this anyway. My name is … Well, just call me by my nickname, Dee. I have been an on and off blogger for about 8 years now. This is my newest project, baby! I would like to keep this site going for some time to come, so please, if you like any of what I have to say, feel free to hit the follow button and get a notification every time I update. Also, feel free to share your thoughts even if you don’t always agree. Just be respectful and I’ll reciprocate.

What will this blog be about? My life as a fangirl [read: me obsessing about fictional worlds] of movies, TV shows and books. All the feels, all the cray cray. I will share my thoughts and sometimes outrageous opinions on a variety of topics that apply to the fandoms I belong in. I will review books I read, TV shows I watch, movies I go see … Basically, it’s a multimedia hotspot. I hope you tag along for the sure-to-be wild ride!


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